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to our program. it's been an interesting week for president obama. he's back from his trip to asia but staring at the same problems he left behind. obama has made peace in the middle east and the war in afghanistan his top foreign policy priorities. but policy on both is now on shaky ground. the administration has been undermining president hamid karzai of afghanistan from the start. but top u.s. officials were there in kabul this week when karzai was sworn in for a second time. he used his inauguration address to announce a crackdown on corruption. and he pledged to shift the security burden to his own troops in five years. but can he do it? we have an exclusive with a key karzai ally, the afghan interior minister, and a fascinating counterpoint from one of karzai's main rivals. then the middle east, with the peace process hopelessly deadlocked, can a new jewish lobby here in the united states shake up the status quo in washington, put its stamp on u.s. policy and rival apac? jeremy ben-ami sits down with me for a face-to-face debate on u.s.-israel policy with a member of the old
this week. see you next week. >>> on the eve of a critical decision for president obama, we have a dramatic debate over one of the u.s. military's most valuable but most controversial weapons. >>> i'm christiane amanpour and welcome to our program. high stakes for president barack obama this week with a decision on troop strength that could determine the fate of the war in afghanistan. but we focus on one of the defining but little debated tactics. the controversial use of unmanned remote control weapons, drones target insurgents in afghanistan and pakistan without risking u.s. lives. but they have killed hundreds of civilians on the ground. we talk with a former top cia official, a former pakistani general, and one of the foremost experts on the drone program. we also take a new look at an old war, the cold war between the united states and cuba. a key congressional committee is discussing lifting the ban on americans traveling to cuba. could the embargo fall next? we talk to the committee chairman and to a leading human rights advocate with a scathing report on cuba. plus, differing viewp
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2